Autonomous & battle-proven ground systems

ARX brings robotic excellence to an increasingly dynamic environment. From training and simulation to transportation, MedEvac and reconnaissance, our technology provides tailor-made and battle-proven solutions for every mission.

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Our purpose at ARX is to harness the power of advanced robotics to overcome challenges in European defence. We aim to create innovative plug-and-play solutions that enhance safety, increase effectiveness, and help increase combat readiness of soldiers on the ground. Modularity in a robotic platform represents the epitome of flexibility and adaptability. By constructing a cost-effective system with interchangeable sensors, payloads and functionalities, it becomes highly responsive to varying mission-critical needs without requiring complete reengineering. 

modular systems

The core of the ARX robotic platform is the battle-proven GEREON UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) Series, developed by active duty soldiers within the German Armed forces, for various defence scenarios.



Medium Autonomous Transportation Platform


This versatile workhorse is engineered to carry up to 500kg payloads and seamlessly switch between roles - from training simulations and sensor deployment to drone carriage, detection and localization of threats, logistical support, transport basket functionality and MedEvac, it's your all-in-one solution for a myriad of tasks.

Use cases

training and simulation
target carrier (tank)
transport basket
large sensor carrier


Armoured Light Autonomous Target Carrier


Our armored robotic platform, GEREON ATR, is designed for specialized applications. Designed to withstand live gunfire, it serves as a target carrier for unparalleled simulation capabilities and military exercises - bridging the gap between the training field and the battlefield.

Use cases

training and simulation
target carrier (infantry)


Light Single-to-Multi-Use Multi-Purpose Platform


The robotic platform GEREON 3 is a robust all-in-one solution for Training and Simulation, Sensor deployment, and Drone carriage for extended aerial operations.

Use cases

sensor carrier
drone carrier
training and simulation


Ultralight Single-to-Multi-Use Multi-Purpose Platform


The robotic platform GEREON 2 is a small autonomous modular carrier platform – quickly adaptable and deployable. It serves as a light versatile tool for training and simulation, a sensor carrier for advanced data collection, a drone carrier for extended aerial operations and many more.

Use cases

sensor carrier
drone carrier
training and simulation

unlocking modularity

for defence use cases

Casualty Evacuation
Dynamic Target Training
Live Fire Simulations
Sensor and Drone Carrier

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